Verbinator is a tool to help you understand German. First, you might ask yourself why you would only ever want only the verbs of a sentence translated, but how often has it happened that you read an entire sentence, understand every word, then get to a verb and wonder what it’s doing? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is for that case.

Why not Google Translator / Babel Fish?

Well, if you’re looking for a new translator and actually found this, that answers that question. Those translators will only help you so much before you just get lost in their nonsensicalilityness. Plus, when those guys look at sentences, they often fail spectacularly at identifying verb tenses. Verbinator is a tool to help you understand the verbs in sentences and what they’re doing.

What’s with all the magic?

Buttons tend to need text, and I figured magic was a good way to describe it because, on the back end, there’s quite a bit of processing and “magic” going on. In reality, the magic is nothing more than insane algorithms and crunching of the sentence.

How accurate is all this?

This is actually pretty accurate – for doing language processing, it does rather well for itself. It’s by no means 100% accurate in every case, but for a majority of German sentences, it will get the job done.

Umm, what are you talking about?

Verbinator! Keep up!

What if I find something wrong?

If you think that you found an error with the translation, chances are you did. You see, natural language processing is incredibly difficult to get 100% right (if it were easy, this site would not exist). So, the errors you’re seeing most likely arise from the fact that there’s some ambiguity in German that could not be resolved programatically, so it tried its best, but that wasn’t good enough. Not even the magic and dark magic that the site use are good enough for every case.

No, what if I really find something wrong?

Well, then you might want to report an issue on GitHub Issues.

Where else can I use this?

Check out the bookmarklet.